Complete Aircraft & Component Paint

With onsite paint and process capabilities in our purpose-built facilities, IMP Aerospace is capable of painting large aircraft and components without the need for costly outsourcing. All of our paint and process facilities include separate areas for the painting of components and detail parts, as well as a paint strip annex for paint removal from components and airframes.

View of a freshly paitned aircraft

Using our environmentally controlled facilities that meet all environmental, health, and safety regulations for this type of process, we are able to support our customers, as well as our own parts manufacturing, by providing not only full painting capabilities but also a variety of additional protective treatments, including:

  • Chromic acid anodize coating for aluminum
  • Chemical conversion coating (CCC) for aluminum
  • Cadmium plating of steels and other alloys
  • Passivation treatment for corrosion resistant steels
  • Heat treatment of various aluminum alloys